Covid_19 and homoeopathy

29 अगस्त 2020   |  karan puri   (309 बार पढ़ा जा चुका है)

The Novel Corona Virus is being unpredictable, somehow being treatable. To date, more than 20 million people get infected by this virus around the globe. However, 15 million were recovered.

We’ll be looking toward Severe Corona Cases and Post COVID Recoveries. As the hardest time faced by the severely ill COVID-19 patients.

The Severe Categories patients are those who face difficulty in the exchange of respiratory gases (Oxygen & Carbon Dioxide) effectively and efficiently.

These patients mostly supported by a Life Support system (Ventilator) which enables the exchanges of the gases but this life support the system can be traumatic for the patients as they are given heavy drugs which cause Delusion as well as Dilemma

In some patients it PTSD can be seen evidently.

Post Covid-19 Recovery Patients Can suffer from –

· Weakness (getting tired even in combing your hairs)

· Loss of Memory

· Weight Loss

· With Mild PTSD

· Worst Cases develops Pulmonary Fibrosis which causes damage to the lungs eventually leads to ill-functionality of lungs

How Homoeopathy Can Help Post COVID -19Recovery

Homoeopathy medicines can be served as putative medicine and can help to treat and rejuvenate the human being

Homeopathy has zero side effects as well as effective in various lung diseases.

Aspidosperma Mother Tincture — This homoeopathy medicine helps in improving the functionality of the lungs.

Aspidosperma is widely used in treating Asthma and Respiratory tract infection (RTI)

Vita-C 15— It helps to deal in post-traumatic conditions it has the following Ingredients

· Acid Phos — For Mental and Physical Weakness

· Ginseng — For Fatigue, Weakness, and loss of memory

· Zincum Met — Restlessness, Nervous Exhaustion

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