What Medicine help Regulate Periods?

23 सितम्बर 2020   |  karan puri   (449 बार पढ़ा जा चुका है)

What Medicine help Regulate Periods?

The era we live in today is not just advanced but also full of stress, anxiety, unhygienic food, air, water, and an imbalanced lifestyle. All this not just makes our body an unhealthy place for the regulation of blood, but also affects our body in its basic functioning. One such basic function includes- menstrual cycle or periods. But what if the cycle turns irregular, what is the cure and how can we turn this irregularity into regularity? Well, DR. RECKEWEG SENECIO AUREUS 2X is the medicine that can be a proven cure for irregular periods.

DR.RECKEWEG SENECIO AUREUS 2X is a homeopathic medicine that helps regulate periods and gives a sigh of relief. Senecio Aureus is a plant that is better known as Golden Ragwort, Squaw- Weed, Life- Root, etc. The whole plant is used to make a tincture which is afterward used in various medicine to cure diseases. Senecio is best used in medicines made for woman related issues and also cures urinary and respiratory disorders.

We all know that periods are a crucial part of a woman’s body, and when they are irregular it results in stress, acne, unusual facial hair growth, and a lot of other issues. This irregularity is often a symbol of PCOS.

What is PCOS?

PCOS is that situation in a woman’s body when her periods are irregular or they stop entirely, before menopause. This situation arises because of the high amount of insulin in a woman's body or because of androgens (male-body hormones).

Irregular Periods not only means an irregular cycle of 28 days but also-

  • If there is no menstruation cycle by the age of fifteen
  • If there are eight or fewer menstrual cycles every year
  • If the menstrual cycle is lesser than 21 days
  • If the menstrual cycle is more than 35 days
  • If after a year of menstruation, the menstrual cycle is more than 90 days

All these irregularities affect a woman's body and may result in anovulation, i.e., as the menstrual cycle lengthens, it can stop ovulating eggs thoroughly. Apart from the duration of the menstruation cycle, it can also be the case that a woman with PCOS might have an extremely light or extremely heavy flow during menstruation.

More about Periods

We all know for a fact that the irregularity of a natural process always affects negatively. Hence, regular periods are an indication of a healthy body and a sound mind. Regular periods aid in preventing excess thickening of the lining of the uterus or womb. And irregular periods give birth to the building of abnormal cells inside the uterus or womb. And to avoid this building up of cells, a woman must have at least 4 menstrual cycles every year and if that is not happening, consult a doctor immediately.

DR.RECKEWEG SENECIO AUREUS 2X helps in increasing the chances of a regular period. Which results in clean blood flow and a healthy body. Also, it is always advised to have DR. RECKEWEG SENECIO AUREUS 2X or any other medicine only after consulting a doctor for the best results. Apart from the medicinal solution for menstrual issues, a healthy lifestyle plays an important role so keep a check on it. Happy periods!

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