Thank you for using our services. This page contains the description of the policies that the user has to accept while using our services.

Information gathered by us :

In order to provide better services to our users we gathered some information from them. For example, in order to use our services you have to make an account on and have to provide us with your name ,email address, photograph, date of birth, etc. We gather this information by ourselves so that we can provide you better services. Motive of gathering this information is to provide better search results and better optimisation. To keep your information intact is our first duty.

You’re account on :

Keep your password private in order to maintain the privacy of the account. The user is responsible for the activity happening on the account and also responsible for the content which they are uploading. If your account privacy is breached then you have to inform us immediately and the further actions will be taken by us.

To edit your content :

From all of the content we select one content daily and if you feel like that you have to edit your content without changing the meaning of the whole then we allow you to do the required edits.

The uses of our services and content :

If you give us feedback on our services then we can accept that feedback or suggestion without the user accountability. To give you updates about the services we are going to use your email.

The images and the content used on :

All of the images that have been used on our platform have been taken from the internet. If any of the copyright is breached then it has no purpose to hurt the sentiments and is done by mistake. If anyone has any issue regarding the copyright claim they can contact us and the image will be removed accordingly.

Amendments and ends of our services :

We are improving our services continuously day by day and we can shut down any services that has been provided to you anytime. We are totally responsible for adding new services to our platform anytime. You are not bounded to use our services and you can leave anytime but that is unfortunate for us.

Policy for minors :

Our platform can we use by 13 and + age users and if any children tends to use our platform then the proper instructions should be given. If the policy Is breached then the guardian will be held responsible and they have to inform us so that we can remove the information. Guardian have to contact us on

About the terms and condition :

The terms and condition can be improvised or compromised by us for any particular use or to provide service to the user. That is why it is highly recommend to go through the terms and condition by the user. For any further contact you can visit us on our contact us page anytime.