क्या कोरोना 'रिसेट' बटन है : दिनेश डॉक्टर

22 मार्च 2020   |  दिनेश डॉक्टर   (290 बार पढ़ा जा चुका है)

*Is Corona the RESET button ?* by Dinesh Doctor

Human race, which considers itself formidable and omnipotent or all powerful, is feeling helpless against an small and silent enemy. The enemy is so tiny that it is not even visible.

For sure this corona crises too will be tackled and dealt with sooner or later but not before tapping the RESET button.

Before it was diagnosed and effective medicine was found, plague had already wiped out millions between 14th and 16th century and shrunk the human population between 35 to 50 million for the first time. In absence of faster means of transportation it remained confined to a small part of the globe and it took many years for it to spread.

On the other hand faster means of transportation created a dooms day like situation in many far away countries soon after Wu-Han. The best part is that entire human race has joined hands to defeat this deadly virus. But my cocern is that big powers may collude to take advantage of the world fear and monopolize their research and findings to further their ruthless interests, as had been happening.

Meanwhile let us be safe and make sure that we do not create unsafe environment for others too.

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