Affordable Hair Transplant Treatments, Cost in Delhi

20 अक्तूबर 2020   |  Pooja Kumari   (441 बार पढ़ा जा चुका है)

Some best types of hair transplant surgery in Delhi

Hair transplant is a very common treatment nowadays. The are many causes of hair loss itcan be due to aging, hormonal imbalances, stress and many more. Basically, there are three different types of hair transplant treatment in Delhi.


In this the portion from the scalp is removed and inserts a number of hair in the scalp.


In this the surgeon stretch the healthy hairs all over the bald area of the scalp.

Tissue Expansion

In this a balloon look like tissue is place on the bald area of the scalp. After sometime this tissue expander and gets filled with salt water.

Types of hair transplant services we offer

Scalp Hair Transplant (FUHT)

Quality of hairs and hair line plays a important role in ones personality. Hair restoration helps bring back a pleasing personality. In this method the transplanted hairs looks exactly like the natural hairs.

Body Hair Transplant (FUSE)

In this technique individual follicles are extracted with the help of microsurgical precision but without doing stitches.

FUHT/Strip Technique Details

In this a strip of hair along with scalp is extracted from the donor area. The size of the strip may varies from 1cm to 1.5 cm.

Few differences between FUSE & FUE

FUE is more advance and improved than FUSE. Both techniques uses different kinds of needles. In FUSE, the dermis is cut to the level and hair roots are not damage, whereas in FUE the cut goes quite deeper.

FUE Hair Transplant

It's a very popular method of hair transplant. In these Grafts are extracted individually besides the full strip. In this transplant even the scars from the surgery is not visible.

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