Tejaswita Khidake: your life your choice

15 जनवरी 2018   |  Tejaswita Khidake   (108 बार पढ़ा जा चुका है)

Women, I feel sorry for most of them who didn't even realized their strengths and reason behind their existence. sometimes I get confused while thinking about them, that how can I help them who don't know that they are in the need of help.
They have just accepted the way things are and following it, there are very less women who have actually asked question why and opposed to follow years old traditions and customs.
There is nothing wrong in asking nothing , its alright if they are okay to follow all old traditions but those who don't want to follow all those things don't have a clear path, there are obstacles there are haters there are doubters and there are such women who are proving all of them wrong and moving ahead.
Why they always blame situations, conditions and society is the main question, I wanted to do that but they opposed me, I wanted to do this but no one allowed me, I mean , whats wrong with these women, why can't they trust their own abilities and just fly off? you are doing compromises that's okay, but why always you need to sacrify your career choices your dreams and then blame others?
If you have chosen your path, you have no right to blame others for whatever comes to your plate you need to accept it and move ahead, that's life with your own choice.

Tejaswita Khidake: your life your choice

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