Alex Upadhyay

24 मार्च 2021   |  Alex Upadhyay   (423 बार पढ़ा जा चुका है)

Ashwani Sharma ( Born 7 June 2002 ) known Professionally As Alex Upadhyay Is An Indian Rapper , Singer , Song Writer , Composer , And Musician He Was Born In Middle Class Family In Baran City When He Is Not Artist He Was Keep Intrested In Dancing But After 7th Class He Loved Listening To Music When He Felt Alone Struggled A Lot For Music From A Young Age And Still Do, Live Show And Some Year Latter He used to sing in the studio His Song Name , allah ve , Crime People , Pahli Mulakaat , Pahli Anniversary, And Talk Love , He is an indipendent indian hip hop rap, and pop artist. Follow us subscribe our channel and listening music and enjoy with Alex Upadhyay thanks too you keep support keep watching.

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