Atomic habits is a book written by James clear which is about tiny changes and remarkable results and is a New York time best seller, it is a very easy read and will noy take much time to read once focused.

1) Real life experience

1% improvement law is nothing but a brain child of Dave Brailsford who believed in the aggregation of marginal gains. According to the author James clear it has been mentioned and noticed that building small habits is not not noticeable but gave a compound result in long run.

2) Motivation

When you will read the book and you will see that how the author have overcome the hurdles in his life by making such small habits that go a noticed until you saw what obstacles were overcome by the habits that the author have built. You will automatically seek a sense of motivation.

3) Practical self help techniques

This self help book is a non fiction book and very powerful and practical. If you want remarkable results then you have to avoid outcome based habits and adapt identity based habits.

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