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Best book publishing platform Is An Online Platform
To Write, Publish & Sell Books

You can write and publish unlimited number of books on completely free of cost. Affordable packages are available to publish books in paperback and other formats. You also get author branding, video reviews, along with book design, book promotion and a lot more with our digital publishing services. stands out from other self-publishing companies in the way that it immediately offers access to over a million readers through its platform.


Write, Design & Manage Your Books with
Immediate access to millions of readers in
20+ languages in India


Publish & Start selling within 24 hours.
Options to publish in eBook, paperback and
audio formats.


Sell through, amazon, flipkart and many
other platforms. AI Driven inventory management to
have you covered from 1 copy to 1 million copies.


Book launch, Press release, Influencer
marketing, Author profiling; We will do it all
for the better sales of your books…

How to publish your book?

Publishing a book is simple and free on Here is how you can do it…


Write & Publish your Book

Create an account on and self-publish your eBook. You can create an unlimited number of eBooks on completely free of cost. Publishing a book in India was never simpler than this.


Set Price for the Book and Start Selling

Set royalty and start selling on books marketplace. Your book immediately becomes available for readers and buyers.


Pick your Printing Package and Start Selling on Amazon etc.

Select a package to start selling your books in paperback and other formats. We offer one of the cheapest Print-On-Demand services to print books at minimal inventory.


Pick your Marketing Package and Create a Buzz for your Book

Expert marketing team to promote your book across the internet, social media, press release, and create a sustained buzz around your book.


Promote your Book on Social Media

If you follow the free path, you can still promote your books among your friends and on social media. Our AI will automatically pick the good performing books and show them on top of the charts.

What is the cost of publishing a book? offers two models for publishing books. Self publishing starts for free while Premium publishing starts at Rs. 24,900/=. Here is what you get in each of these services

Economy Package

Starts @
₹11,500 ₹9,999

Available at additional cost :
  • Book cover design
  • Ebook
  • Shabd listing
  • ISBN
  • Formatting And Editing
  • Amazon Listing
  • Flipkart Listing
  • Google Listing
  • Copyright Registration
  • 10 Author Copies
Other available services:

International listing, Book launch, Marketing activities like book reviews, Influencer marketing Emails, Social media promotion and paid marketing


Starts @ Rs. 0

Create and Manage Unlimited EBooks
  • Write unlimited number of books on
  • Set price for your book and earn royalty
  • Marketplace listing
  • Upload Audio Books
Available at additional cost:
  • POD Service (Paperback books)Rs. 4,500
  • Book cover designFree
  • Shabd ListingFree
  • EbookFree
  • ISBNFree
  • Formating and Editing2000
  • Amazon ListingRs. 1,500
  • Flipkart ListingRs. 1,500
  • Google ListingRs. 2,000
  • Copyright RegistrationRs. 2,000
  • 5 Author CopiesRs. 2,000

Premium Publishing

Starts @
Rs. 24,900

Create and Manage Unlimited EBooks
  • Paperback books with POD distribution (Print On Demand)
  • Amazon listing
  • Flipkart listing
  • Google listing
  • Book cover design
  • Audio book
  • Copyright registration
  • Video interview of author
  • 10 author copies
  • Personal Publishing Manager
Other available services:

International listing, Book launch, Marketing activities like book reviews, Influencer marketing Emails, Social media promotion and paid marketing

Additional Charges

  • Proofreading: ₹5000 (up to 100 A5 size pages). ₹400 per A5 size page above 100 pages.
  • Typing: ₹200 per A5 size page.
  • If the file includes images, a formatting charge of ₹100 per image will be applicable.
  • If the file has tables, a formatting charge of ₹100 per table will be applicable.
  • For size customization, a charge of ₹6000 will be applicable.
  • In the case of a color book, charges will differ based on the scenario.

What others are saying about

I love your platform name, I was looking for a publication who can publishing an educational book rather than fiction or literature. Many people suggested me to publish it on some online platform, but I wanted it to get published in a hard copy. has given me both the facilities. Prices were also reasonable.


This is my second book with, my experience was quite good. I get my book published within a very limited time span. The team has fulfilled all my requirements, prices are also very affordable. And the best thing I get here is the printing quality, really amazing. Thank you


I was looking for a platform for my book to get published. I will say thanks to, here I got that chance. Print qualities are superb. I am very happy with all the services of and for the future as well, I will choose for my books publication.

0 se pahle maine kuch platform use kiye but yaha ke jaisa experience kahin nahi mila. se mujhe ek connection feel hua. Cover photo updation ho ya competition ki information ho yaha ki support team bhut supportive hai. Mai isse ab life-time judi hu aur aage bhi likhti rahungi.

0 ki popularity jis tarah se badh rahi hai usko dekhte huve aage ja k ye one of the best platform banega, they know how to fulfill the requirements of authors. Their support team is very cooperative and very dedicated towards their profession. Agar support team ke log aise hi work krenge to ye platform bahut aage jayega. Best wishes for the future.

0 ki team bahut supportive hai, sbse best thing yaha ka book royalty service hai. Ye ek aisa platform hai jaha se writer likhne k saath saath earn kr sakte hai. Mai chahti humai se permanent judi rahu. All the best.


Mere liye apoorv anokha anubhav rkha hai bhut sheegrta se aplogo ne kam kiya hai print quality bhut achi hai. Sirf mai hi nhi sanskrit se jude sbhi writer isse kafi impress honge.

0 का आइडिया यूनिक है क्योंकि यहां लिखने के साथ पुस्तक छपवाने का मौका भी मिलता है। मैं यहां से शुरू से जुड़ी हूं। यहां की प्रतियोगिता में भाग लेना एक अनोखा अनुभव था। विजेता बनकर मैं बहुत प्रसन्न हुई।


It was a very good experience with Here, the team is too quick to give responses. I was having a wish that my book should reach to many people, but I wasn't much sure about it. Only, made it possible. Thanks to the team.


Mera experience k saath behad accha rha hai. Meri bahut si books publish ho chuki hai Shabd k saath, kam samay me acchi print quality k saath mujhe meri books mili hai. Mai k saath kafi samay se judi hu aage bhi meri books mai Shabd k saath hi publish krana chahungi.


I have a very satisfactory experience with, every department of the team is very dedicated towards their works. ek parivar ki tarah hai jo writer ko motivate krta hai to write and grow. As I can see and feel that in upcoming years Shabd will be counted as one of the best platforms and publications.


Books Published on Shabd

Here are few example of books from our online self-publishing platform

Start Your Journey with the
Best Self-Publishing Platform
in India

+ How can I publish my book free of cost?+ How can I publish my book free of cost?

All the online features on are available completely free of cost. Free books are available to be read free of cost for all users. You can also set a price for your eBooks and receive a royalty for all the sales. You can also upgrade your free books to a printed edition and make them available on Amazon, Flipkart, etc. at the cheapest costs.

+ How much does it cost to publish a book?+ How much does it cost to publish a book?

That depends on whether you go with self-publishing or premium publishing. In self-publishing, the price starts at Rs. 0, but you can purchase upgrades for printing and distribution of your books. Premium publishing starts at Rs. 24,900/= and includes a dedicated publishing manager to help you with your journey.

+ Who will own the rights to my book?+ Who will own the rights to my book?

You will own all the rights to your book. We work with a non-exclusive publishing agreement, so you can even publish your content elsewhere if you wish to.

+ How much royalty do I get?+ How much royalty do I get?

We don’t decide your royalty. You decide it on After you set your royalty, the price of EBook and Paperback books are calculated based on printing and distribution costs. You can use our royalty calculator (link to to find the cost of your ebook and paperback book.

+ How many copies of my book will be printed?+ How many copies of my book will be printed?

All the books on the platform are printed on demand. Our systems automatically ensure that a minimum number of copies are always available, and books never go out of stock. You can order as many author copies of your book at a highly subsidized rate.

+ What will be distribution channels for the sale of my book?+ What will be distribution channels for the sale of my book?

Your book will be distributed to a wide range of distribution channels depending upon your publishing service. Some of the popular websites where your book will be listed are Amazon, Flipkart, Google Books, Amazon Kindle, Goodreads, Kobo, Ingram Spark, and over 80+ other platforms.

+ What support is available post-publishing my book?+ What support is available post-publishing my book?

Depending upon the services you subscribe to, you will get all the required support from our team. Our team is available through various communication channels like chat on the website, WhatsApp, phone calls, emails, etc. Just reach out to us, and we will always be happy to help.

+ When will I receive my royalty earnings?+ When will I receive my royalty earnings?

Your earnings will immediately start reflecting on your dashboard. You can track your sales and request your royalty payment from within our dashboard at your convenience.

+ Tell me more about the publishing process.+ Tell me more about the publishing process.

Self-publishing books on is free, easy and simple. You can create your account and publish unlimited number of books on During the process, you provide your book title, book description, and the royalty you want to get on your books sales. You can also add paperback and hardcover options to your book at an additional one-time cost. Your book will be allotted free ISBN when you publish your book in paperback. You can also opt for our premium service which is more in line with the traditional publishers and your assigned publishing manager will take care of the entire process from beginning till end.

+ Tell me more about marketing strategy for my book.+ Tell me more about marketing strategy for my book. offers a range of marketing and promotion related activities for your book which are best suited for your writing style and the type of book. Basic promotional activities like social media promotion, video author interview, book reviews etc. are included with our premium publishing package. You can also add more targeted mediums like influencer marketing, book launch, press release, author profiling etc. at very affordable cost.

+ Is available as a mobile application?+ Is available as a mobile application?

Yes. You can download the mobile application from the play store (

Scan Or Download
Mobile App of

Scan Or Download
Mobile App of

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