The targeted audience is the categorised or classified group of people who are responsible for the growth of an organisation because they purchase their goods and services. In short you can say that a targeted audience is the pillar of any business which influences their important decisions such as which product should continue, marketing and promotions strategy, how much money to spend on a particular service and many more.

Based on buying habits

Based on buying habits an organisation should note the trend of the customers which are buying a particular service or goods. This is important for the data collection to decide which product or service should they continue and which requires their attention in a more concerned way.

Based on behaviours and interests

Gathering this data will help any organisation to connect with their audience in a more relatable way because this data will help you find the common interest of the audience.

Based on age difference

The audience between the age of 18 to 25 is the most enthusiastic audience that an organisation can ever gather and because of the high engagement tendency this particular age is put in a very important category.

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