Shabd mic šŸŽ™
Shabd mic is an event which is organised every Saturday at the zoom meeting at 6:00 p.m. sharp to 7:00 p.m. in a week. It is an open mike which allows a person or a writer to come and perform in front of the audience what they have written.

What is an open mic?
Open mic is an event which allows people to perform any joke, story, poem or a song etc in front of the audience.

How to register myself on shabd mic?
It is very easy to get registered on Shabd Mic! You just have to call or write an email on their helpline number which is 9289474411 or

What are the registration fees and what will I get in return?
Shabd mic is absolutely free of cost and in return you will get an audience to your profile, name and fame and a stage to perform.

How can I perform?
You will get the link to the event on your WhatsApp number or in the Shabd Mic enquiry group before Saturday and once before theĀ eventĀ itself.

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