4 Most famous genre in recent days

Genre is a specific category of artistic, musical, or literary composition distinguished by its unique style, structure, or subject matter. Some types of genre are as follows:

most famous 4 genre in recent days

1- Horror:

Horror is a type of genre which aims to spook the reader by making use of spooky elements like body dysmorphia, gore, or if the writer wants the horror to be more subtle then they can use mental conditions & hallucinations as tropes in their stories.

2- Romance:

Romance is a type of genre which aims to target the feeling of love in the reader by portrayal of loving relationships or themes. Romantic stories usually involve a hero falling in love through the course of the story  & it is up to the writer to make it more interesting by adding other elements into it.

3- Fiction:

Fiction is a type of genre which involves anything which is non-real i.e. the story is not about the real world or real world events. Fictional writing gives the writer a lot of freedom because they are only limited by their imagination when writing fictional stories.

4- Non-Fiction:

Non-Fiction is a type of genre which involves stories that are based on real world or real world events. They can be stories about major events ,academic writings, biographies etc/

These are most genre in recent days …

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