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If you're looking to start a new training program or type of exercise, find a book that explains the "why" behind the "what." Understanding the rationale behind the activity may help you stay motivated. If you're hoping to adjust your eating habits, nutrition books can help you do it thoughtfully, and cookbooks can provide all the inspiration you need. Consider books that include sample meal plans for individual needs such as weight loss, muscle building, or a medical condition such as diabetes.
Hand book of Clinical Practices in Kayachikitsa

Kayachikitsa is very wide and most important discipline among all subjects of Ayurveda. It deals with most of systemic illnesses described in medical science. Large number of books has been written by eminent scholars of ayurveda. Still there is scop

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2 September 2023
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Relationship And Communication Skills

"This book, ”Relationship and Communication Skills,” is designed to help you develop the tools and techniques you need to build and maintain healthy relationships. From understanding the fundamentals of communication to navigating cultural difference

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27 May 2023
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The main purpose of writing this book is to provide the handy knowledge of bodybuilding and I try to deliver the best knowledge through this book among the each age category whether you are a boy or a girl. With the help of this book you boost your m

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2 September 2023
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